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Tune into the “Otero County Sports Round-Up” weekdays at 2 PM on ESPN Alamogordo 103.7 for the only live, local sports talk show in the Tularosa Basin, featuring The Voice of the Alamogordo Tigers, Charles Winiecki.

Otero County Sports Round-Up Podcasts

      Friday, May 1st (40mb mp3)
      Monday, May 4th (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, May 5th (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, May 6th (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, May 7th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, May 8th (40mb mp3)
      Monday, May 11th (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, May 12th (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, May 13th (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, May 14th (40mb mp3)
      Monday, May 18th (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, May 19th (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, May 20th (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, May 21st (40mb mp3)
      Friday, May 22nd (40mb mp3)
      Monday, May 25th (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, May 26th (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, May 27th (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, May 28th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, May 29th (40mb mp3)
      Monday, June 1st (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, June 2nd (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, June 3rd (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, June 4th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, June 5th (40mb mp3)
      Monday, June 8th (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, June 9th (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, June 10th (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, June 11th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, June 12th (40mb mp3)
      Monday, June 15th (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, June 16th (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, June 17th (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, June 18th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, June 19th (40mb mp3)
      Monday, June 22nd (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, June 23rd (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, June 24th (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, June 25th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, June 26th (40mb mp3)
      Monday, June 29th (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, June 30th (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, July 1st (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, July 2nd (40mb mp3)
      Friday, July 3rd (40mb mp3)
      Monday, July 6th (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, July 7th (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, July 8th (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, July 9th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, July 10th (40mb mp3)
      Monday, July 13th (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, July 14th (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, July 15th (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, July 16th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, July 17th (40mb mp3)
      Monday, July 20th (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, July 21st (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, July 22nd (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, July 23rd (40mb mp3)
      Friday, July 24th (40mb mp3)
      Monday, July 27th (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, July 28th (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, July 29th (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, July 30th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, July 31st (40mb mp3)
      Monday, August 3rd (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, August 4th (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, August 5th (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, August 6th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, August 7th (40mb mp3)
      Monday, August 10th (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, August 11th (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, August 12th (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, August 13th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, August 14th (40mb mp3)
      Monday, August 17th (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, August 18th (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, August 19th (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, August 20th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, August 21st (40mb mp3)
      Monday, August 24th (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, August 25th (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, August 26th (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, August 27th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, August 28th (40mb mp3)
      Monday, August 31st (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, September 1st (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, September 2nd (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, September 3rd (40mb mp3)
      Friday, September 4th (40mb mp3)
      Monday, September 7th (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, September 8th (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, September 9th (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, September 10th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, September 11th (40mb mp3)
      Monday, September 14th (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, September 15th (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, September 16th (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, September 17th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, September 18th (40mb mp3)
      Monday, September 21st (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, September 22nd (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, September 23rd (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, September 24th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, September 25th (40mb mp3)
      Monday, September 28th (40mb mp3)
      Tuesday, September 29th (40mb mp3)
      Wednesday, September 30th (40mb mp3)
      Thursday, October 1st (40mb mp3)

ESPN Alamogordo 103.7

Tune into the “Roundtable” Fridays at 11 AM on ESPN Alamogordo 103.7 during football season to find out the picks for the week, in High School, College, and NFL games.

Roundtable Podcasts:
      Friday, August 28th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, September 4th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, September 11th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, September 18th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, September 25th (40mb mp3)
      Friday, October 2nd (40mb mp3)

ESPN Alamogordo 103.7

We also broadcast the Tiger Varsity Games: Football, Basketball, and Baseball.

Tiger Football Podcasts:

Tiger Basketball Podcasts: